Wellfoods Limited



A little about us…

Wellfoods Limited was a subsidiary of Fosters Bakery (Staincross Limited). We have now stopped producing our gluten-free products as a separate company to Fosters. We still sell our Wellfoods products but we now deal with all sales under Fosters Bakery.

Our products contain no codex wheat starch, they are free from psyllium husk and they are also dairy free. Our bakery has strict rules on no nuts or sesame being brought onto the premises so our products are made in a controlled, nut and sesame free environment. Our gluten free products are also served by many top chefs and restaurant chains.

*Please note that all post needs to now be addressed to Fosters Bakery (Staincross) Limited and any emails send to Wellfoods addresses will not be seen.
Please call 01226 382877 or email salesforce@fostersbakery.co.uk for any enquiries.